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to make a positive impact


Our Mission.

We design diversified products that combine the high returns that characterise private equity and venture capital with transparency and ethical values.

Through Archeide S.C.A. SICAV SIF we offer institutional and qualified investors the chance to invest in a range of valuable Alternative Investment Funds: Archeide IDROF, Empower Fund, and Innovazione Italia.


AIF Funds deliver and combine the high returns that characterise private equity and venture capital, with the diversification, the transparency and the security granted by the authorities in Luxembourg.


Investors are given the chance to invest in alternative and ethical funds, which pool together a clear ambitious mission, well-defined strategies, valuable assets and a management with demonstrated professional and moral values.


You harvest what you plant.

We research and offer investment opportunities that would not be feasible with traditional financial instruments. High investment return in the medium/long term with a permanent and accurate short-term risk management.

Although our funds exhibit different investment profiles, objectives, strategies and horizons, they all share a valuable feature: offering one of the most interesting risk-reward relationships on the market.

Independent directors, Custodian Bank, Auditors, Legal and Tax Advisors, Financial Authorities are all linked in a reciprocal control network, pledging a governance which offers the maximum security standards.

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