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Innovazione Italia gives you the chance to invest in a closed and alternative Venture Capital fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of innovative Italian startups. All companies exhibit a highly rooted potential, a great risk/reward relationship, an experienced management, and a minimum 8% to 10% target return.



IDROF invests in the financial activity of short-term discounted receivables, offering a particular exposure to industrial factoring. The high growth potential of this market, combined with a very low insolvency risk and the opportunity for differentiation that this sector offers, contributes to the creation of an investment opportunity characterised by an extremely attractive risk-return relationship.

Archeide EMPOWER is a Private Equity fund that invests in the renewable energy sector, which combines economic benefit with much-needed social and environmental advantages. This is an open-end speculative investment fund for institutional and qualified investors only, which targets a 10-12% net annual return.



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