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Archeide EMPOWER. The latest news from the fund.

Empower Fund is a Private Equity fund that since 2013 invests with optimal results in efficiency, generation and sharing of renewable energy. The Fund operates with an Impact Investing eye by joining a strong economic return to the support to environment, society and innovation.

The Fund’s profitability is generated by the production of solar energy of Energia Verde Investimenti 3 S.r.l. (EVI3) and Energia Verde Investimenti 4 S.r.l. (EVI4), wind energy of Windkraft 8.2 and Reborn1 and syngas energy of Reborn2. The investment portfolio includes also Regalgrid Europe, the energy sharing revolutionary and disruptive startup.

From November 2019 on, the energy produced by EVI3 and EVI4 plants will be sold to a new energy partner, that will offer a higher price per kWh with respect to the 0,05€ per kWh offered by the GSE. In addition, companies will not bear anymore the costs of imbalance and administration. The incentive provision will not vary. These new conditions will guarantee the Fund a greater stream of revenues and a decrease in management costs.

On the following tables, it is highlighted the positive production* of EVI3 ed EVI4 for the first semester of 2019, both registering a positive difference with respect to the expected value:

As for Windkraft 8.2 production*, the first semester of 2019 registers a significant increase due to the favourable weather conditions with respect to the previous year:

On the basis of a project began on May 2019, which consists of the acquisition of a maximum of thirty wind turbines to be regenerated at a favourable price, la company Reborn1 purchased the first three turbines. The process of refurbishing of the turbines’ rotors, for which a partner has already been hired, will enable to start the production from November.

*Data are provided to Archeide Lux by MeteoControl – Energy and Weather Services ( and E.R.I.C. by BritWind ( and have not been audited.

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