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Archeide IDROF: What to expect in 2017

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The year 2016 ended with the obtainment of the formal authorisation from the Bank of Italy, which officially enrolled CoEFI in the sole register for credit intermediaries. The registration is the result of a lengthy and complex managerial and administrative efforts. It certifies the existence of necessary requirements within the firm, which ensure sound and prudent management, financial stability and correctness in relations with the clientele. Furthermore, it allows CoEFI to continue its activity of concession and promotion of financing through factoring.

The entry into force of the sole register resulted in a decrease in the number of active factoring societies. Nonetheless, these could be involved or absorbed into operations of aggregation with other existing realities, consolidating the whole system and paving the way to new projects of expansion and growth. For this purpose, CoEFI has broadened its horizons and augmented its basis of clients by means of direct collaborations and partnerships with various factoring societies.Indeed, two new operational branches are already up and running, in Piemonte and Abruzzo.

The business of the company has proven to be extremely valid in terms of performance and potential. By comparing both the profitability ratios (ROA, ROI, unitary interest margin and Average Commission) and the debt ratios, with the seven major competitors, CoEFI presents the best parameters since 2013.

Positive features emerging from the balance sheet analysis do not end here. In fact, the chart clearly highlights progressive improvements in most of the efficiency and financial stability ratios that were considered.

Available figures confirm the great performance of the company in 2016, and bode well for the future. The business registered a 43% increase in outstanding and a 65% growth in investments regarding the previous year. In order to provide optimal support to the new expansion phase that the firm is ready to tackle, CoEFI is working on further strengthening its commercial structure.

Since CoEFI represents the main investment vehicle of the fund “Archeide Italian Discounted Receivables Opportunities Fund”, a further growth phase in CoEFI’s business will lead to a sensible raise in the NAV. This has already grown by 19,71% since its launch, benefitting the fund’s investors. Hence, an investment in Archeide IDROF does not simply offer an opportunity for diversification, it also presents itself as a product with a high and solid growth perspective in the near future, and an extremely attractive risk-reward factor, especially at a time characterised by interest rates close to zero.

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