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Archeide: NAV and Performance 2017

Here you can find the certified Net Asset Value per share for the active compartments of Archeide S.C.A. SICAV-FIS as at 31.12.2017.

For more information, the management report is available in the documents section of the website, under “Annual Audited Financial Statements”.

Archeide Italian Discounted Receivables Opportunities Fund – ISIN LU0744268755Net Asset Value201220132014201520162017Class A (in Euro)1.029,851.118,871.225,591.197,091.331,781.716,52Yearly Variation+2,95%+8,64%+9,54%-2,33%+11,25%+28,89%

COMMENT: Archeide Italian Discounted Receivables Opportunities Fund registered an impressive positive performance in 2017, to the benefit of its investors, as a natural result of the process of growth and development of CoEFI S.p.A, the main object of investment of the fund.

In a sector that keeps growing and giving concrete support to the real economy, such as the one of factoring, CoEFI is an excellence: in fact, data prove that the Italian company is one of the best ones in Europe for profitability, distress and debt ratios.

The targets of the company for the next triennium are challenging but of great financial interest: the doubling of its turnover volumes, and the innovation of its processes.

Empower Fund – ISIN: (A) LU0973204463, (B) LU0973204547, (I) LU0973204620Net Asset Value20132014201520162017Class A (in Euro)1.000,001.143,46901,311.474,131.520,23Yearly Variation+14,35%-21,18%+63,55%+3,13%Class B (in Euro)1.000,001.166,45855,391.558,841.600,61Yearly Variation+16,65%-26,67%+82,24%+2,68%Class I (in Euro)1.000,001.173,22902,641.576,291.642,17Yearly Variation+17,32%-23,06%+74,63%+4,18%

COMMENT: Empower Fund is moving forward with its process of growth and valorisation, confirming and strengthening the substantial increase registered in 2016.

In light of the investments made over time, the mission of the Empower Fund is gradually taking shape. In one word: IMPACT INVESTING. This is to say, the fund invests in companies and organisations with the clear intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact, alongside a financial return for its investors.

The sharpest of the bunch of the Empower Fund is Regalgrid Europe, Italian disruptive startup that enables an effective and tangible entrance in a new era of sustainable energy. The innovative Regalgrid® software allows energy sharing to finally come true, by creating an active network of production and distribution of energy that permits real-time sharing of generated and stored clean energy.

Therefore, Empower Fund is acting in such a way as to support the expansion of Regalgrid Europe, as well as the one of the other firms that are part of its portfolio, exclusively investing in the three key areas of renewable energy that are driving forces for the economic growth and the development of the sector:

i. Energy management and sharing; ii. Energy efficiency; iii. Renewable energy generation and sale.

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