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Our CEO says thanks!

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great satisfaction that I am writing this letter to you. It is the satisfaction of someone who is now seeing the realisation of an entrepreneurial dream, a dream that requested a certain degree of risk taking, a lot of hard work and extra time, above and beyond the call of duty.

I have never been alone on this journey, and I would like to share the credit for what we have accomplished with you. My gratitude goes to those of you who believed in the project – of which you now are a driver and integral part, and turned our common vision into reality.

The tangible start of the journey dates back to longer than five years ago. Alongside Fabio and Enrico, we grew fond of Mattia’s entrepreneurial idea and we convinced ourselves to throw our hat into the ring.

As a result, we decided to support the launch of a start-up, CoEFI, to operate in the factoring and discounted receivables business. Back in 2012, Italy was the country hit most by the economic and financial crisis. For us, CoEFI was the perfect way to contribute to the country’s economic recovery, by giving real and practical support to the many enterprises in the Triveneto area that were in trouble for lack of liquidity.

At the same time, we decided to launch Archeide Idrof, which bought the majority of the company’s shares and for which it still acts as supporter and financial backer. Archeide Idrof is an open-end Private Equity investment, through which we offer investors the chance to be a part of the project, benefiting from the profits it generates.

Thanks to Mattia’s leadership and to the expertise of the team he coordinates, CoEFI is now a rapidly expanding, highly appreciated business. It is one of the best Italian and European companies for ROE and ROI, and it has a zero default rate despite the 20.000 invoices processed.

The end result of this growth is being reflected in Archeide Idrof’s valuation. The share value has increased by 11,25% compared to 2015, and by 33,18% from the fund’s initial evaluation. The fund has achieved a remarkable performance consistency, which translates into a +6,86% annual average yield. Today, CoEFI is the only non-listed European factoring company in which it is still possible to freely invest – by means of an investment in Archeide Idrof.

Therefore, it is clear that the work we have carried out is leading to tangible and appreciable results. Mattia, you have proven yourself a talented and ambitious leader, and I am really happy to see that the company is achieving admirable results under your guidance.NAV Archeide IDROF20122013201420152016Class A % Variation+2,95%+8,64%+9,54%-2,33%+11,25%Average Annual Yield+6,86%

The second step of the journey coincided with the launch of Archeide Empower, the second compartment of the Private Equity fund. Once again, the spark struck as a result of a meeting, with Enrico, Daniele and Antonio first, with Elisa and Davide then.

Archeide Empower is a cause for enormous satisfaction, not only for the great results that have been accomplished, but also and foremost for its ambitious and concrete mission. It is this mission that drives us and serves as guidance for the managerial choices we make everyday.

Archeide Empower wants to give shape to a sustainable energy world, based on energy efficiency, production, exclusive use and sharing of renewable energy. For the first time, energy sharing could be made a reality.

Thanks to the work done so far, the results obtained cannot go unnoticed and deserve a special appreciation. Class A value increased by 63,55% in 2016, to  €1.474,13, up by 47,4% from the launch value.

Enrico, Daniele and Antonio, your contribution to the growth and the success of the project is certainly commendable, and I look forward to seeing the results you are going to achieve in the future.

Elisa and Davide, you are doing a wonderful job in contributing with your vision and your talent to achieve an innovative and unparalleled objective, getting the most out of the skills of your team members.NAV Archeide EMPOWER201420152016Classe A % Variation+14,35%-21,18%+63,55%Average Annual Yield+18,91%

A team is mainly made of people, of special men and women. Some of them work in the spotlight, some others work behind the scenes. But all of them are fundamental, without them our work would be impossible. Hence, my thank you has to be extended to the whole team work of Archeide Lux, Archeide Idrof and Archeide Empower, as well as to all those working in the companies that are part of them.

Professionalism, trust and competency allowed us to get this far. But our path of expansion and growth is not over. Ahead of us there are new chapters of common history to be written.

What we created so far – a large group of people who work together, measuring and listening to each other, giving their best – is an enormous value we have and best guarantee of our future success.

To all of you, thank you. I wish you a stimulating and self-realising future, professionally and personally, in line with your expectations.

Welcome back from your break, and keep up the good work!

Alessandro Bruscagin CEO Archeide Lux

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