Regalgrid Europe lands in Australia

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The Italian company, located in Treviso, opened its Australian branch in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria. Emiliano Moroni, a managing director with proven experience in the renewable sector, was appointed as the leader of this new branch.

This achievement results from a 2018 characterized by massive investments in Research and Developments, aimed at laying the foundation of the Australian project. Indeed, Regalgrid Europe (RGE) had already detected in the Australian market a great opportunity to launch and expand its business. The three main reasons why Australia represents an opportunity for RGE are the following:

  1. Australia shows favorable regulation in terms of energy accumulation and sharing, as well as with regards to Virtual Power Plant (VPP) projects that require RGE’s technology to operate;

  2. Energy price is extremely high in Australia; thus, there is a strong incentive for investing in new residential installations. These conditions will permit an immediate return on investments;

  3. Australia presents a widespread high income pro-capite, which turns into a higher spending power for a typical Australian customer.

In light of this, RGE is enthusiastic to offer its innovative technology to this forward-thinking country, and to contribute to its transition towards a more efficient and sustainable market. Specifically, RGE’s platform will be available for both private users willing to optimize their energy use, and utilities seeking a reliable and innovative technology solution for VPP and aggregation services.

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