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We are now social with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Archeide Sicav-Sif joins the social networks: institutional pages have been activated on the most prominent community platforms.

The multi-compartment investment fund has caught up. A few days ago, it activated its institutional pages on the best-known community platforms. It will promote its activities, keep up with the latest news and inform its investors on current news concerning the market, the fund and its investment sectors.

You can also find reports, images, videos and other items of interest not only on Facebook, but also on LinkedIn and Twitter (@ArcheideLux), where Archeide Sicav-Sif is now represented.

These initiatives are part of a new and broader communication activity that the fund has started and will further pursue by renovating and boosting its website It is its way of being open for debate and maintaining a close relationship with its investors.

“Whether or not you’re actively trading, information is currency.” – Peter Bailey, chief strategy officer, Dataminr.

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